• Why? To give hope to a neighborhood where over 30,000 illegal
immigrants , who took control over the place and brought disaster and
cause. Against 4000 Jewish residents, living in misery and fear, who
decided not to run away!
• Our goal – “To bring “the light” back to South – TV, as follows:
• Spreading Tora and opening shuls in ‘Neva-Shaanan’ and ‘Florentine’ neighborhood.
• Establishment of new, young and idealistic, community in Neva-Shaanan district.
• Supporting and strengthening, the existing community in southen Tel Aviv.
• Tours and Tutorials – past vs present with hope to better future.

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            Bank Hapoalim (12), Branch Num’ – 604 (Kiryat Shalom, TV). Account Num’ – 652534

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Yitzhak – +972545852404

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